How the Legends were born...

When Joe Pomparelli, owner of the GeeksterInk App, saw tattoo artist Chris 51's show Epic Ink, he envisioned them doing something big together, something that had never been done on a global scale: combining tattoo art with entertainment and taking it on tour to the fans. They recruited the best geek culture artists around the world and formed the now famous GeeksterInk Tour.

Epic Ink

The show that started it all, the whole geek tattoo movement! Created and cast by  Chris 51, the co-founder of GeeksterInk,  the show was based in his hometown of Springfield, OR, and was seen by millions of viewers over the course of 2014-15 on A&E.

GeeksterInk App

Joe Pomparelli's brainchild.  A fan of pop culture influenced tattoos, Joe created an app for all fans to be able to show off their new tattoos in one location. GeeksterInk was the app based social media brand that connected fans of Geek Art & Culture


GeeksterInk Legends

GeeksterInk Legends debuted at Wizard World Comic Con in 2014.  Since its debut, the GeeksterInk tour has appeared at over 200+ conventions worldwide, including locations such as North America, Australia, Europe, and South America. Nothing can compare to its size, quality, professionalism, and epic expertise.

The Future

Today, GeeksterInk is owned and operated by one fo the original founding members, Brandon Sommers, who is taking the original concept of bringing tattooing to fans of pop culture to new heights. Together with his better half, professional cosplayer Brit Bliss, the dynamic duo has set forth the goal of conquering comic cons worldwide. 

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Joe Pomparelli

Chris 51


Brandon Sommers & Brit Bliss