Amy Zager
Amy Zager

Illustrative, sketchbook, and watercolor artist


Location: Livermore, CA

Studio: The Ink Gallery Tattoo

Amy always gravitated toward tattoo design and was fascinated by the expressive nature skin allowed. After several years of classical training and earning a BFA in oil painting from the American Academy of Art, she fiendishly pursued the medium and blasted through an apprenticeship. She gained attention and notoriety in Chicago with her unique blend of bold colors and crisp detail, which was furthered by her participation in Best Ink season 3 in 2013. Amy worked solidly booked for 6 years in downtown Chicago and now is gaining traction in her new home in the Bay Area as well as throughout the convention circuit. Her painterly, watercolor-inspired style has grown more illustrative and technical over the years, as well as incorporating her love for comics, Dave McKean, David Bowie, and powerlifting.   

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