Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul

S&I: When did you first start in all this acting business?
Adrian: I moved in 1984 from London, England. Sometimes, it’s missed, but L.A has been home ever since. England has gotten quite congested.

S&I: Yes, it’s very congested. And is needing more and more flats to be built every day. Here’s a dumb question – why do you call a flat a ‘flat’ when it’s two stories many times?
Adrian: Don’t ask me! Tomato / Tomato (pronounced with the long ‘A’).

S&I: It’s like jumbo shrimp. But, let’s get back to your acting. Tell us more about what your body of work looked like back then.
Adrian: Highlander started in 1991. In addition to that, I had done a few series including War of the Worlds, Dark Shadows, and Murder, She Wrote, but Highlander was, of course, what I was most known for.

S&I: Highlander was awesome. It is one of our favorite shows from that time. What was the process in getting picked up for that role?
Adrian: I was the first person seen for the role and it took a three-month process to get locked in. I was auditioning for “Conner McCloud”, but really wanted to change it up so I wasn’t living up to “Duncan McCloud” – played by Christopher Lambert. The show went on for six seasons over the course of five years. I was working six or seven days a week, shooting five months in Paris and then months in Vancouver; it was a very busy time. Martial arts training, sword training – anything that would help give me more experience to play the character. “A martial artist is like a painter .......

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