Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch

Bounty hunters run rampant throughout the world of cosplay. Some are inspired by video games like Metroid and their own Samas Aran. While others pay homage to a crew of Browncoats who sadly were only able to tour the galaxy for one season. Maybe you’re a DC comics type of person and enjoy painting yourself up like the last Czarnian himself; Lobo. Or perhaps your roots lie within
anime alongside one of my personal favorites, Spike Spiegel.

Regardless of your favorite pop-culture bounty hunter, there is one who stands alone in the realm; and his name is Boba Fett. Very few will disagree that Boba Fett is hands down the best and baddest bounty hunter this side of Tatooine.

Unlike the other leading names, Boba Fett did not see nearly as much screen time as the others, but still managed to have one of the most recognizable roles. We recently asked Jeremy Bulloch, the man behind the Mandalorian armor, how he felt about having such an impact with such little screen time.

“When you think, I’ve got five lines; what an incredible piece of my career. I’ve been working since I was twelve and I’ve enjoyed every job I’ve done. But when this came up, The Star Wars…I thought ‘this is it. I’m in it only a little
bit, but don’t overact, just get on with it. You know you can do it. You just need a look’. And that’s all you do with Boba Fett, just a slight turn and a nod, and that’s it.” Mr. Bulloch also told us that the suit we all know and love wasn’t the original concept. Boba Fett almost ended up white like the other warriors of Mandalore. “They did the white, but it never got off the ground, I think they were going to do like a snow trooper. But in the end they decided to have this sort of camouflage effect like in the Slave 1 ship that he

To this day Mr. Bulloch still travels the country meeting fans who continue to keep the name Fett active in all forms of fandom. And it seems a handful of lucky followers have even been able to see the hunter in his original garb.
“I’ve worn it [the Boba Fett suit] a few times for charity. It’s great fun to put it back on. It does something…I don’t know what it is, but you just stand there and you hold.......

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