Noah Hathaway

Noah Hathaway

Noah Hathaway:

S&I: You seemed to have made a big name for yourself at a very young age.
Noah: You could say that. I received a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card in 1974, did a couple commercials, and got my first big break in the original television series Battlestar Galactica in 1976. I even made a guest appearance on Mork and Mindy.
S&I: Did you create any friendships from any of those shows?
Noah: Robin [Williams] and I stayed in touch for some time after my appearance in his show. I began filming for the The NeverEnding Story while he was filming for Moscow and the Hudson and we would have lunch once a week. He even gave me a pair of suspenders. And this was all after BSG, when it died due to large budget costs, at up to $1 million an episode. Back then, children were able to work eight-hour work days, yet still have three hours of school a day.

S&I: Talk to us about The NeverEnding Story.
Noah: This was back in 1983, when I was between eleven and thirteen. Auditions lasted for a year, reshoots were a year. The sequel didn’t use any of the original actors based on the inability to pay the folks. Jonathan Brandis played my character, Autrayu, in the second on. Sadly, Brandis hung himself years later in Vegas.

S&I: Were there any injuries on set of the NES?
Noah: There were. I broke my back from falling off a horse, before we even started shooting. I broke two vertebrae and was in the hospital for two months. Being young helped me get past it. Now, three surgeries later, I’m doing pretty okay.......

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