Peter Mayhew

Peter Mayhew

When you’re a giant in not only the everyday world, but also in the Star Wars galaxy, you may look larger than life. Peter Mayhew is a actually a very kind man, who speaks quietly, calmly, and straight to the point. Here’s our quick pick 6 questions with the coolest Wookie in the galaxy!

Draven: What is it about Chewbacca that makes him such a beloved character?
Peter: He’s a teddy bear and your best friend; he’ll have your back in a fight.

Draven: Do you remember your initial reaction when you saw the Chewie costume for the first time?
Peter: Furry and wooly. It looked hot, and it was.

Draven: How long were you able to stay in the incredibly hot suit during filming before having to throw in the towel?
Peter: 35 - 40 minutes

Draven: How does it feel to know that a character you portrayed in a movie is tattooed on hundreds if not thousands of
people all over the world?
Peter: it’s great.

Draven: Have any fans shown you their Star Wars tattoos from over the years? Are there any standouts that you can
Peter: There have been some great ones too many to count. A few standouts.. Full chewy heads colored and an
amusing armpit or two

Draven: How does the quality of the tattoos performed by Ink Fusion at Star Wars Celebration compare to others you’ve
seen in your travels?
Peter: Amazing work, they’re of the best. The master tattoo artists to the geeks!

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