Sid Haig

Sid Haig

Sid Haig has been a Actor for over 50 years. from the days of 1960 “ The Fugitive “ to Rob Zombie’s “ The Devils Rejects “ . From episodes of “ Gun smoke “ to “ Buck Rogers in the 25th Century “. The man has covered one side of TV and film, to another. We were able to catch up with Sid at the “ Terror Con “ Convention in Rhode Island, and he gave us some fun facts about his days on the road and work.

Draven- And you’ve got how many films at this point ?
Sid - I think IMDB has me at 143 ? And about 350 television episodes. Including Gun smoke, Mission Impossible , Fall Guy, Get Smart, Jason and the Star Command, to Mary Hartman. So many shows.
Draven- Do you like the movie aspect of things, more so than the TV side of things? Or Vice Versa?
Sid- I like the Movie productions better, only because of the time to build the character development . The TV side is trying to get the most in the can as possible, by the end of the Day. The thing that they pay attention is getting the job done.

Draven - So would you say “ House of 100 Corpses “ put you back out on the market again in a whole new light in horror ?
Sid - Yeah - I was very fortunate.

Draven- Did you have a relationship with Rob Zombie before the film ?
Sid- I had a relationship with him that I didn’t even know about. At his wedding reception , I was standing there .....

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