Jerry Patton
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Pop culture, color, and comic artist

Jerry 2

Location: Vancouver, WA

Studio: GeeksterInk Legends Tattoo Shop

In a galaxy, far, far away... a child was born in 1980, the greatest nostalgic era of the century. Art became second nature, nourished by pop culture and anything geeky. He-Man, TMNT, and Star Wars were becoming a huge inspiration in my art. My first job was in a local comic shop at 15 years old and was motivated by my surroundings. I was inspired by different artists such as Todd Mcfarlane, Jim Lee, and Joe Quesada. Action figures, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, cartoons, and collectibles are huge passions of mine, second only to my amazing wife and two wonderful children. I never thought I would be a tattoo artist, running a one of a kind retail/tattoo shop with my wife. We are here to bring the comic con atmosphere to a unique retail shop with nostalgia themed tattoos. We are all about family, fun, and being a geek.

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