Carl Huggins




Virginia Beach, VA


Whiskey River Tattoo


As a New York City native, Carl Huggins grew up under the visual influences of the "city that doesn't sleep". Born in Jamaica, Queens; he came to appreciate and enamor the arts at an early age. From Saturday morning cartoons to comic books, he developed a style that is all his own. Carl's first job was at the ripe age of fourteen in a comic book store, where consequently he was introduced to anime and graphic novels. These diverse influences would eventually be the catalyst for a career in art and illustration.
After serving in the United States Navy, he began a five- year business venture called "Mad Nappy Designs". Graphic design and illustration were his main focus during that time, and a children's book was published debuting his work. In June of 2007, things changed as he was taken on as a tattoo apprentice in an up-and-coming shop in Norfolk, Virginia. His mentors were Gabe Cece, Sean Karn, Ben Edwards, and Cliff Evans. Under his mentors, he became licensed in 2009 and worked successfully since.
Carl is now a licensed DPOR certified artist and the owner of "Nappy Days Incorporated". He currently travels with the group known as Ink Fusion Empire, 'where tattoos and comics collide', all throughout the United States.