Kelly Rogers




Cape Coral, FL


Gearhead Tattoo


Kelly Rogers started his tattooing career in Sedalia, MO where he apprenticed for 3 years. Unsatisfied with the level of tattooing he was exposed to, he decided to hit the road, traveling to different shops and conventions across the country before landing in Southwest Florida, where he fell in love with the scenery and laid back lifestyle. Switching coasts to Fort Lauderdale 2 years later, he worked with a slew of talent at under Bruce Bart Tattooing honing his craft and focusing more on simplicity and cleanliness of oriental styles with the likes of Damien Bart and Chris Slota. Kelly has been accredited as being one of a handful of tattoo artists who is licensed and recognized for his ability to tattoo Star Wars related art by Lucas Films & Arts, has been featured in numerous tattoo publications, as well as being a 7 time award winner at numerous conventions and tattoo contests. Focusing on achieving a level of excellence in all styles of tattooing, Kelly continuously strives to research all and any new styles and art forms related to tattooing to be able to give you the best tattoo for your body and persona.