Piero Bockos




Veneto, Italy


Phobos Tattoo Gallery


Piero Tat-twin is an Italian tattoo artist, born and raised in Perù. He has a Master in Design and is a resident tattooer at Phobos Tattoo Gallery, Verona.

He's been tattooing for 10 years and specializes in New School and Realism. He's an award winning artist working conventions and doing guest spots around the world.

Star Wars art has always been a big part of both his life and his brother's... they've designed posters, t-shirts, logos, etc for the 501st, both for their local Garrison and worldwide. You can meet them at most Star Wars events: from the 1997 Special Edition release, to the 501st Rose Parade Spectacular (including the Documentary Star Warriors), to a cameo as the Jedi Council guards in the fan film hit Dark Resurrection.

Trooping, prop making, old school choppers and muscle cars are a few of his other passions.

Piero is also one of the featured artists on the Star Wars body art book The Force in the Flesh Vol.2.