Often imitated, never duplicated. The biggest tattoo tour in the world, period!


GeeksterInk has become a staple in the industry after tattooing at over 200 unique comic & entertainment conventions in the last five years, visiting cities and countries around the globe, and we're not stopping any time soon. Our team is the best of the best, and our secret is simple.  It's all about our artists: award-winning, ego-free, pop-culture tattoo artists from all walks of life, coming together to embrace their fandom at comic conventions with our family of clients. We aim to deliver legendary, quality tattoos as we geek out together with fans and celebrities at our favorite conventions. 


It's easy to find us at any con. Listen for the gentle buzzing of a tattoo machine until you see a large gathering of people.  If that doesn't work, simply look out for our branded tables and banners.  We come equipped with the best products and services of any tattoo shop and bring them straight to you.  Clean, safe and sanitary, we go well above and beyond all Department of Health standards in every state and country.  Just ask some of our favorite celebrities who not only visit our booth regularly but have also trusted us with their tattoos as well. 

Do you want the GeeksterInk Legends to attend your favorite Comic Convention?  Did you know the easiest way to see your favorite guests at a convention is to send an email requesting them directly to the convention? 


Contact your favorite comic convention, and tell them you want the GeeksterInk Legends there! Remember to include our email,, so we can follow up.

Thank you!


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